WRNP 2015 - Keynote Internacional 18/05

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Classificação: RNP WRNP2015 WRNP 2015 Keynote Internacional 2015
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This talk will focus on the various new networking ideas in R&E networks, from technologies like SDN and NDN to collaborative architectures like ANA/GNA to build an internet of different capabilities for global science collaborations. It will also showcase the challenges R&E networks face and focus on enabling end-to-end architectures, including concepts like Science DMZ.
R&E Networks - imagining the next generation
Indermohan (Inder) S. Monga serves as the Division Deputy of Technology of Scientific Networking Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and CTO of Energy Sciences Network. Mr. Monga plays a key role in developing and deploying advanced networking services for collaborative and distributed “big-data” science. Mr. Monga’s research interests include software-defined networking, network virtualization, SDX, energy efficiency and distributed computing. Recently, he is working actively on research and technology development that focuses towards the broad adoption of SDN in the wide-area network including recent work on Transport SDN. He is also appointed as Chair of ONF Research Associates and contributes to SDN standards. He currently holds 17 patents and has over 15 years of industry and research experience in telecommunications and data networking.

Palestrante(s): Inder Monga (ESnet)

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