Fórum RNP 2015 - Mobilidade - Keynote Speaker

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José Luiz Ribeiro Filho (Diretor de Serviços e Soluções da Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa - RNP)

Disruption and Progress: The Impact of Mobile Technology on Higher Education
If knowledge is power, then access to knowledge is access to power. The diffusion of human knowledge, in part, has been tied to the untethering of writing and reading materials from space and place. Knowledge innovations have disrupted existing power structures, leading to opportunities for the advancement of human freedoms. Although the current revolution in mobile technologies has yet to realize its democratic potential, it is pregnant with scenarios for socio-economic and political advancement. In this talk we consider the history of mobile learning and explore in a comparative context both the prospects for and obstacles to mobile reaching its potential.
Palestrante(s): D. Christopher Brooks (Senior Research Fellow for the EDUCAUSE)

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